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2009-09-26 19:48:24 by Ephemeral-DFP

Unfortunately my computer crashed and I lost everything that I had on Fl Studio. This means that none of my WIPs will be finished, at least I don't think they will. Good news is I'm working again.



2009-09-12 20:46:00 by Ephemeral-DFP

New song out, it's called Eclipse.
However, I will be coming out with another song sometime very soon.


New Song

2009-08-18 16:38:25 by Ephemeral-DFP

Hey everyone, go check out my new song: Summer System.
It is by far my best piece of work.

New Stuff

2009-02-09 19:00:00 by Ephemeral-DFP

New Stuff...Finally